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Asian on speakers

Asian model Sandy poses on a set of speakers.

Sandy November Shoot 4 by ~roleychiu on deviantART

Brunette in the recording studio

Model Amanda sits in a recording studio.

Old School by ~morphinetears36 on deviantART

Warehouse speaker

Model Dana sits next to a speaker.

Play by ~tifa-lockhart-22 on deviantART

Dancing by the speaker

Model Kamajla dances next to a speaker.

dancing by ~ArtLoving on deviantART

Thinking woman

Model Joanna poses in a thinking position on a speaker.

With You In My Head by ~imallergictoyou on deviantART

Listen to YOU. by ~imallergictoyou on deviantART

Headphones around neck

Model Caitlyn with headphones on her neck.

Listen by ~storybookpicture on deviantART

Sunglasses and record

Model Lisa poses in sunglasses with a record in her hand. by ~heart-lisa on deviantART

Disco in red

A model poses on a speaker in this red colored disco style photo.

Disco is back... by *HDRenesys on deviantART

Leg warmers with speakers

A model poses on speakers while wearing leg warmers.

My Way by *sadmoon666 on deviantART

Green on speakers

Model Chelsey poses while sitting on a speaker.

Speakers Corner. by *PlaceInTheDirt on deviantART

Guitar on the floor

A model sits on the floor holding a guitar.

Guitar 5 by ~Dustin85 on deviantART

Guitar 2 by ~Dustin85 on deviantART

Guitar 4 by ~Dustin85 on deviantART

Ipod listening

Model Jacinta poses while listening to her ipod.

Let there be music by ~Leon-deCanon on deviantART

Headphones by the window

Model Mica poses near a window with a pair of headphones in her hands.

Mica 10 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Top hat and record

A brunette model poses in a top hat while holding a record.

Please don't stop the music by ~WishmasterKFG on deviantART

Posing with headphones

Model Liz poses in various shots with headphones.

Liz 008 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Liz 007 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Liz 005 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Liz 004 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Liz 003 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

At the mic stand

Model Stacy poses at the mic stand.

Stacy 001 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Blond with mic

Model Tanya poses with microphone in hand.

Tanya 06 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Tanya 05 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Tanya 04 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Tanya 03 by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Bikini Headphones

Models Kirsty and Sarah Emily pose in bikinis with headphones.

Kirstyand Sara-emily by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Kirsty by ~Nightvenjer on deviantART

Red boombox

Model Jayme poses in a red colored photo series with headphones and radio.

Jayme 2 by ~KenCentauri on deviantART

Jamye 1 by *BareLight on deviantART

Laying down with headphones on

Model Odessa poses in a picture with headphones and speakers.

Metal by *odessafrost on deviantART

Magic moon chart

Magic moon makes it number one above the crystal method.

Original magic moon logo

The first thumbnail logo ever made for magic moon, years ago when it all began.

Chromed producer

Brad H in a chromed out photo.

Producer and dj equipment

Take a look at some of the dj and producer equipment. We've used it the making of some of our music over the years. Listed in the photos are a denon turntable, novation launchpad, numark mixmeister controller, m audio trigger finger, hercules mk2, behringer mixer, blue snowball mic, and dual monitors.